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Mugwort Patch

Get rid of phlegm dampness, constipation, and simple obesity.
Evenly reduces and blocks the absorption of grease, sugar, and starch.
Help burn the fat and detoxify the toxicants accumulated in the body.
Significantly and effectively slims up the whole body.

Apply one patch every 48 hours to the following recommended areas: arm, abdomen, shoulder, back, or hip. Do not apply more than one patch per day. The area where you apply the patch should be clean and dry.
Description :
  • Ingredients: Rhubarb, Astragalus, Realgar, Glauber's salt, Wusong, Senna, etc.
  • Type:30pcs Stickers+30pcs Pills:
  • Product size: 21*14*2cm


  • 1. Dampness-evil Removal
  • 2. Healthy Weight Loss
  • 3. Improve Stomach upset, improve indigestion
  • 4. Improve Cold Uterus and Irregular Menstruation
  • 5. Improve Cold of spleen and stomach
  • 6. Improve Sleepless and Dreaminess
  • 7. Improve cold hand and feet


  • 1. Do not use it on the wounded skin
  • 2. If you have any discomfort during the process of using it, please stop using it.

Warm prompt:

  • It will be better to use a warm towel before attaching, more conducive to the absorption. Use 1 piece per day, recommended using at night and the use of time is about 8~12 hours
  • Skin abnormalities or the use of the phenomenon of skin irritation, please stop using it immediately. Pregnant women, the elderly, young children should not be used.
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