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Midnight Mane Soap

Midnight Mane Soap

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Introducing our Midnight Mane Soap, a natural shampoo and soap crafted from the root of the Polygonum multiflorum plant. With a net content of 100g, this gentle shampoo nourishes your scalp and offers an effective, natural way to condition your hair.

The Polygonum multiflorum shampoo is celebrated for its abilities to nourish and fortify hair, as well as encourage hair growth. Composed of natural ingredients like herbs, essential oils, and botanical extracts, this shampoo is perfect for those seeking a natural hair care solution.

Our Black Growth Soap is specifically designed to combat dandruff and other scalp issues, leaving your hair feeling healthy and rejuvenated. The He Shou Wu Shampoo is an excellent option for anyone aiming to foster strong, healthy, and gorgeous hair.

Included in the package is one Polygonum multiflorum shampoo and soap, allowing you to begin reaping the benefits of natural hair care today!

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