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Micro Lifting Machine

Micro Lifting Machine

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This color light beauty instrument seamlessly integrates positive and negative ions, high frequency vibration, and red, blue, and green light to cleanse the skin, provide EMS care, and warmly moisturize.


★ Utilizing the concept of positive and negative ions, dirt and other impurities are extracted with biological current, while nutrients are delivered to the lower layers of the skin through ion-induced permeation.

★ Through utilization of mechanical oscillation and voltage stimulation, this machine helps achieve skin tightening, improving elasticity and promoting dermal metabolic function.

★ The elevation of skin temperature resulting from the warm massage facilitates absorption, stretching the texture of the skin while also intensifying its volumization.

The Micro Lifting Machine offers three colors of LED photon therapy to provide multiple treatments.

Red light: Penetrates below the epidermis to activate collagen production, enhance vibrancy, decrease wrinkles, and diminish finer lines.

Blue light: The Micro Lifting Machine can promote collagen synthesis, thereby tightening lax skin, minimizing pores, and improving oily, sensitive, and blemish-prone complexions.

Green light: It enhances cell oxygen uptake, enhances microcirculation, boosts lymphatic drainage, soothes skin and promotes relaxation.


Brightening Mode

* Eliminate deeply entrenched dirt and oils to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, discoloration and pimples, while restoring a luminous complexion.

EMS nursing Mode

*Promote skin rejuvenation and lightening through product introduction for a visible improvement in skin firmness and radiance.

Warm moisturizing mode

* Heat stimulation increases blood circulation, toning and firming the skin, preserving optimal skin health and enhancing the skin's luster and vitality.

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