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Facial Towel Mask

Facial Towel Mask

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1. Facial mask companion for home use in beauty salons, fits the face, unisex

2. Soft and skin-friendly, water-absorbing and breathable, no fluorescent agent

3. The product adopts nano superfine fiber, which has a larger adsorption area, stronger penetration and better water absorption.

4. Micron spinning slippery yarn, no hair loss, delicate, soft and skin-friendly, regular and tight loops, fluffy and thick, good breathability and water absorption

5. The stitches are delicate, the thread is evenly routed, and the edge is tightly wrapped, which is washable and durable.

6. Humanized opening design, more suitable for the face

7. Material: micron anti-slip yarn

8. Dimensions: 24 x 24 cm (+/- 2 cm)

9. Weight: 30g (+/-5g)

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