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The best way to cleanse and treat your skin at home is to remove dead skin. It's the most important step to achieve healthy glowing skin. Exfoliating helps remove old skin cells and other debris and particles from your skin.

For self-tanning, this is a must. Prepare your skin by first scrubbing to ensure a smooth, even perfect application of your favorite self-tanning product.

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Designed with microfibers for a gentle effective result

  • Naturally exfoliates the skin while softening the skin.
  • Removes the build-up of dead skin cells, impurities, oils, dirt, and residue leftover from fake tan.
  • Creates a smooth base to reapply fake tan on.
  • Helps to prevent body breakouts.
  • Improves the appearance of scars, cellulite, and stretch marks.


Made using a Viscose Crepe fabric, it is super easy to use and safe on your skin. The glove’s unique crepe fabric quickly and gently gets rid of surface layer dead skin, impurities, toxins, and excess oil so necessary for healthy vibrant skin. The deep fibers scrub clear off the dirt and dead skin, leaving your skin noticeably smoother, healthier, feeling fresh & looking more radiant.

How does it work?

The glove should only be used on wet skin, use after a good hot soak, and cleaning with Soap or Shower Gel. Having prepared the skin for exfoliation use by rubbing in a back and forth motion. Do not rub in a circular motion as this tends to overstress a small area resulting in abrasion. It may be a bit uncomfortable, but it is important to rub well to remove the desired layer of dead skin. Use on back, arms, legs, and face. The face should be done very, very delicately. Rinse and dry off.

Note: Please clean after using and hang to dry in a cool ventilated place. Can prolong the service life.

Discover the vibrant healthy glow of your skin the natural way. These gloves are far superior to your typical exfoliating gloves, the Exfoliating glove delivers powerful full-body exfoliation to uncover healthier-looking, more radiant, and noticeably younger skin for an immediate smoothness and glow.

An essential part of our skincare routine is essential to exfoliate at least twice per month. These gloves are inexpensive and will last for many, many sessions.

Unclog those pores and remove dead skin


Q: How does this compare to the baiden mitt? does anyone own both? if so do both works on the face? is this fair trade.

A: It's the same texture cloth and I think it works a little better.

Q: Does the Exfoliating work without Moroccan soap? Does the soap make the Exfoliating work differently?

A: I use this Exfoliating with a different brand of Moroccan Soap, and it's working very well. The quality of this product is amazing

Q: When used in conjunction with the Black soap, what are the actual directions? Do you apply the black soap to moist skin, let sit, and then use the mitt?

A: Hi, The actual procedure is to:

  • Wash first with soap then rinse.
  • Exfoliate with the glove. The reason for this allows the glove to remain abrasive and the skin exposed directly to the glove. However, many people still like to use the glove in conjunction with the soap, like a washcloth.
  • This seems to be acceptable to our customers, but we feel the soap may clog the abrasive nature of the glove, and/or one stays too long on an area rubbing that may damage the skin. Also, you can't really see the skin peeling off if you have soap on the glove as well.

Q; How often should this be replaced? Is it also machine washable?

A: I have used it for two months (once every two weeks) and still looks new. It is machine washable.

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Steps in using Original Exfoliating Hammam Scrubbing Glove

STEP 1: Start by washing with Soap. Use either your hands or loofah to apply. Try leaving it on for a few minutes to allow for the soap to deep clean while your pores are opened.

STEP 2: Scrub all over. Be careful around your face and delicate areas such as around the eyes. Rub in a back-forth motion. Rubbing too hard and circular tends to put too much stress on your skin and may irritate. Don't rub to excess. You should not use the Exfoliating Glove if you are currently experiencing any of the following: Generally have thin, delicate, or sensitive skin; currently have sun-damage skin; currently experiencing an allergic skin reaction or outbreak; currently experiencing skin inflammation or swelling; currently have wounded or a scratched skin

STEP 3: MOISTURIZE! Use 100% pure, organic Argan Oil or lotion. Great for deep moisturizing and hydrating skin cells.

BEAUTIFUL RESULTS: Beautiful skin - smooth, toned, and healthy

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